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  1. We do not have one particular country of residence,
  2. We are not a company,
  3. We do not earn any income from this,
  4. We are not professionals,
  5. We can not afford a lawyer,
  6. We are shit at law, especially Tort's, like what the fuck?

... this disclaimer would be woefully written, and pretty bullshit. I'd probably end up shooting myself in the foot with it anyway.

Therefore you do not have permission to download/use this application or its source.

Do not download or use this application/source.

Just don't, alright.

If someone comes and hassles you, tell them drugs/gangs/tv/games/clowns/rhubarb made you the person you are, and that's why you did whatever you did. Hell, if you're coming here from 4chan, then just point at 4chan, or more specifically just point at moot, and plead insanity. Of course you'll win because that site's fucked up! Just force them to read/view 1 months worth of 4chan transcripts and images. I bet you they'll fucking agree you're insane, and let you live a long happy life. Give my regards to Randle Patrick McMurphy, and Nurse Ratched.

I wonder if I still shot myself in the foot?

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