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Hive Mind LOIC Changes Documentation

This file will attempt to have a specific list of all changes.

Changes to be made

  • Comment code
  • Fix the problem of switching between IRC and RSS, neither is deactivating the other
  • Remove systray balloon notification, in place of in-window log
  • Clean up code
  • Remove most IRC functionality, and change how it currently works
  • Re-write hive control interface, to be more lean, and robust
  • Change form layout
  • Add multi-targeting
  • Re-write IRC module for a far simpler version
  • Add different attack methods - - Primarially add SYN flood, HTTP requesting flood, ICMP
  • Remove window hiding functionality as its likely used to setup involuntary bots, which is not in the spirit of this application
  • Remove command line functionality, as it is only necessary for when the window is hidden
  • Add IPv6 capability

xxxx-xx-xx - Released Version 1.01

  • Fixed incorrect incorrect implementation of control protocol, by removing the RSS functionalities call to Attack()
  • Removed the images and changed the colour scheme to a regular windows application scheme

2010-12-09 - Released Version 1.00

  • This initial release built upon NewEraCracker's LOIC v1.1.1.4, as such it will include all bugs from that version
  • Stopped window from being resized
  • Added minimize to systray support
  • Added pop-up balloon notification of attack commands - In retrospect, this was a stupid idea
  • Added RSS functionality
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