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Initially the goal was to change the various annoyances in the UI, how it would resize, didn't have the right icon, didn't run in the systray, etc. Then I expanded this scope to also show a pop up balloon everytime a new command is issued, giving the user some idea about what it's doing. Lastly, since IRC can be hard to setup ad-hoc for these things, I decided to add RSS capability, so that the bots can be controlled via a more reliable network (such as Twitter).

After completing these I thought "Hey, why not keep going?", so I thought I'd increase development on this project, bring in some new features, make it a more professional piece of software, and basically do awesome.

I intend to make this project a legitimate testing platform which allows for the easy testing of a servers ability to stand a distributed denial of service attack. As these attacks grow in frequency and complexity, businesses, governments, and similar, need a simple application which can replicate the experience of a DDoS on their network, without themselves having to go to extreme lengths.

I'll be working on this on my time off from Uni, and will hopefully make it a far more robust and professional platform than it currently is.

The license for this project will always remain Public Domain as it was with the people before me. I will never charge for this software, nor build in any advertisement, or revenue generating functionality. If you paid for this, demand a refund. If you want to make a fork, go for it.


- Urijah

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